The Acne Scars Article Of Your Dreams

67When I was a child I had facial herpes on my left cheek near my mouth. It had passed but my skin on that area acted strange, the colour was red to orange and the surface of it was dry and so stiff that it was painful. It was like I had a piece of plastic glued to my face. And then suddenly my skin would burst and began to bleed. That was even more painful! The process was repetitive.

This torture had lasted for years until I found the cure. So If you have the same problem I strongly recommend you to start treat it with marigold ointment. Because of the fact that it is greasy I recommend to put it on before sleep. And patience is very important, it takes a little bit of time but it is worthwhile.

Almost every drugstore has it, but here is the recipe for home preparation. Those that can be bought contain preservatives that should be avoided as much as possible. And when it comes to healing the skin, this becomes even more important.

So here is how to prepare it:

You will need 30 ml of marigold oil and 2 gr of beeswax. Put the marigold oil and wax into a jar and then put a jar into a pan with water and heat it until the wax is molten. You need to test the mixture by putting it onto a cold plate. If it is too hard add more oil, and if it's too soft then add more beeswax.

Pour the liquid ointment into a plastic jar. Wait until it becomes cold and gets hard and then close the jar. That is it! It does not take a lot of time and is pretty simple to do it.

Marigold ointment gives very good results in regenerating the skin. It helps in healing sunburns, small cuts, dry skin during the winter and even stretch marks and acne scars.

When I was searching the solution for that skin problem I mentioned at the beginning, I noticed that there is often a slight confusion when talking about all the benefits of this plant. It seems that there are two plants with totally different characteristics but they are both called marigold. These are French marigold (Tagetes) and pot marigold (Calendula Officinalis). The first one is not edible. The second one, Calendula Officinalis, is the one with all the healing characteristics. This one is even edible and can be very useful in healing various internal conditions also.

But if a person still has that annoying acne problem then that is the first thing to focus on before healing the skin completely using marigold. The cause of acne is internal opposed to acne scars so these two things should be treated separately and in right order. Visit AmazonKindle to read my book in which I explain what is the cause and how to get rid of it in the most effective and simplest way that you could ever imagine.

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